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12pm - 1.30pm AEDT

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Q1. Tell us a bit about your background and how you ended up in your current role.

I have a computer engineering background, which means that I am always curious about everything around me, especially technology. I gained my risk, tech, analytics and management consulting experience through my time at the Big 4, large insurers and NZ IT providers. This gave me a good mix of tech, business and management that has eventuated in me being in the role I am today. Finally, a supportive wife and family help too! 

Q2. What is the biggest challenge you face within your role today and how are you looking to tackle it?

Keeping up with the rate of change and new applications that keep popping up. It seems like every week that a potential obstacle we had, has been resolved by an application in the platform marketplace. Sometimes there are half a dozen apps that will overcome an obstacle, then the hard work is doing good due diligence to find the right tool for you.

Gladwin Mendez

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Q3. In what ways are you working with your business to help drive value and insight-driven decision-making?

You can't do digital without data, so we are ensuring we fully understand our data value chain end to end and ensure our data foundations and governance is effective. So when we need to go fast, we have the relevant guardrails to protect us and maximise value across the business with initiatives.

Q4. How have you encouraged your organisation to be more collaborative in your projects?

People are key. I believe that getting to know your stakeholders and their business, to understand what drives them and their needs are key. Engage early, timely and using a tailored approach with each stakeholder works well to build up a good trusted relationship and collaboration. Finally, this trust is utilised to create an environment where people feel safe to fail fast and safely without judgement.

Q5. What strategies do you employ to keep current in a technological environment which is rapidly changing and developing?

Strong relationships with our vendors and an open door to bring new ideas, tools and approaches. I have a saying I heard once, that "What's good for us, is good for you". So if I have vendors who are engaged and supported to bring us new innovative ideas, we will consider them and implement them together if value-add and viable. 

Q6. When it comes to recruitment what approach to take to track and keep the best? What do you feel they value?

Treat employees how you would like to be treated if the roles were reversed. That overarching principle is very effective when you understand what drives your employees.  Ensure feedback also goes both ways to facilitate this. Finally, there's no one size fits all. However, while it makes it challenging, it's rewarding when you get it right.

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