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Q1. Tell us a bit about your background and how you ended up in your current role.

I'm an auditor turned data nerd. My experience prior to the current role had been from IT, financial, business audits and risk management across multiple industries.

Now my new found passion is data management. I guess I'm a curious generalist and love making corrections from different fields.

I've been a certified accountant, IT auditor, PCI assessor and most recently an information management professional and data steward. 

Cloud has always been relevant and a source of wonder and challenges in the roles I've had.


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Q2. What is the biggest challenge you face within your role today and how are you looking to tackle it?

How to deliver faster and better. And I found that it always comes down to people. How to find, grow, deploy and keep the right people is the key to faster and better delivery and probably key to every other organisational challenge. 

Q3. In what ways are you working with your business to help drive value and insight-driven decision-making?

I'm currently focused on data management and data risk. I think of them as the foundation, hygiene and guardrails of Insights. Without these, there's no quality and no trust in the insights or decisions generated.

 Q4. How have you encouraged your organisation to be more collaborative in your projects?

I think it's a universal challenge to large organisations. For example, we have different teams work on analytics, big data, cloud, open banking, data quality and etc. But these efforts need to be highly coordinated to deliver overall value. The reality is that many people from all levels are involved in keeping the communication channels open. Personally, I help by organising a bank-wide data risk committee, working on one data project while plugged into other data-related initiatives, trying to bring others along the journey and looking out for misalignment and synergy.

 Q5. What were the two most important things you did to build better engagement of your employees?

From research and our own data, I know that meaningful work and meaningful relationship are among the top drivers of engagement. I learned this year from having to build a delivery team quickly that even if the work is very visible and high profile, I can't assume that everyone understood how they contribute to or are fitting into the bigger picture. Now I'm much more mindful about communicating context and showing the linkage of the detailed work to a higher goal. As to meaningful relationship, I try to practice Kim Scott's teaching of "care personally and challenge directly" in Radical Candour. 

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